Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tumbling Through The Forest

Blazer: Urban Outfitters. Top: Sparkle and Fade, Urban Outfitters. Pants: Elevenses, Anthropologie. Bracelet: Go Jane. Hat: Brixton, Urban Outfitters.

I ended up going to Half Moon Bay last weekend to take some engagement photos for a couple I had met and realized that Half Moon Bay was 1) super close to my house (why had I not been there sooner!) and 2) so many potential places for photo shoots! So I went back the next morning, pulled my car over on some small turn out, waited about 15 min to cross the highway and then climbed through the platform shoes (the one time I wear any kind of high heeled shoe is the day I decide to hike...typical) to this beautiful spot. What I never like is taking photos where people can see me ( I feel like they are all thinking..."what is she doing taking photos of herself!"), but unfortunately a lot of good backgrounds require people seeing you, but not in nature! The pants weren't much help in keeping me from tripping but they're just so purdy. I bought them back when I was working at Anthroplogie. I remember seeing them when I first got hired and they asked us to put together outfits. I picked those out right away. I had never owned/worn pants like these before but they just called to me. Eventually they went on sale and I got them for $20 bucks! (Compared to what I remember being over $100 dollars.)

On the way to Cowell Ranch Beach!
I don't know if I've mentioned working at Anthroplogie before but I used to work at the one by my house in So. California and it was just so fun. It was when I really got into fashion. All the girls were so sweet and stylish that it motivated me to join in (plus that discount didn't hurt). When I moved I transfered to the Anthroplogie in Palo Alto and it..just wasn't the same. I'll always remember the good times at the Thousand Oaks Anthro! 


  1. Ah I love half moon bay and that skirt!! You look beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! I am totally in love with those pants! And the hat is great too! And things just fit together so perfectly! Beautiful picutres!

  3. Awesome pants!! And this forest looks so full of magic!

  4. I feel the same way too about taking photos in public, I'm always awkward haha...
    Beautiful pictures
    Anne xo

  5. such lovely photos! I love your hair and outfit here! Also, you worked for Anthropologi?? I LOVE that store!
    and yes, let us follow each other. im following you right after i finish this comment :)


  6. beautiful photos!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Great post, love your outfit, perfect head to toe!!!

    Kiss, Vera

  8. How fun! Engagement photos are so much fun! =)
    I don't take advantage of going to Half Moon Bay. I's so pretty!

    1. If you ever want to go take photos! I am down to go back any time!