Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No Direction Home

*Photo, top right, from shaeacopiandetar Instagram.
I realize my blog hasn't been getting updated as much as it used to. My excitement for it has...not dwindled but changed. The outfit posts are not as exciting to me as they once were and I would like to take my blog in a new direction, I am just not sure where... I even have at least 5 outfit posts lined up that I still have not put up! (But those are coming because I still want to share them!)

My love for fashion and photography is still the same and I still really want to improve my blog and attract more readers and all those goals that all us bloggers have. I want to keep all the lovely readers I have now but I am just not sure what to post... So right now this blog an experiment! I appreciate you still following me and seeing where this goes! I promise not to abandon you blog! The collage, above, are previews of where I might like to take my blog-crafts, photography, trips, and fashion editorial type photography (was what I was toying with.)

Has anyone else ever gone through this? I would love some feedback on how you decided what direction to end up taking! 


  1. you should post things you have a great passion for, whether its editorials or photos of your own work. oR things you admire. All i know is it always takes time to get to know yourself so just try a lot of new things =)

    good luck
    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  2. I just like to post about everything that makes me happy... in this way my blog is also making me happy. When I see something I like than I take a picture and I put it somewhere on my blog. The outfit posts I like because they are somehow a journal for me. They remind of where I wore what for what occasion etc.. The whole thing is also somehow like a diary for the beautiful things in life. I think when you concentrate on things that make you happy then you will also have fun blogging!?