Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Locked Out

Here are some photos from a shoot I did back in January. I was fortunate enough to work with a wonderful model named Tahnia (Go like her facebook page here). She was lots of fun to work with and a great sport considering I took her someplace off the highway in Half Moon Bay where she had to run across the highway and then walk around barefoot through sticks and leaves. Trooper. At one point during our shoot I ran to my car and grabbed another lens then locked the door and ran back thinking nothing of it. We finished the shoot and walked back to our cars and I started to rummage around for my keys, at the same time saying bye to Tahnia. Before she even drove off I had soon realized what I had done, I had locked my keys in my car on the side of the highway in the middle of winter. My first thought was, naturally, "FUCK!" 

Luckily I some how thought to bring my phone with me during the shoot and was able to google AAA's number and plead with them to look me up in their system and come save me. I talked with 3 different receptionists because I am registered with AAA in So. Cal and they couldn't find me anywhere in their Nor. Cal system, which after we figured that out made the process a lot smoother. Finally one receptionist found me, mind you I had already been out in the cold for almost an hour trying to stand in any patch of sun I could find on the side of the road. So step one complete, AAA was coming for me but step two, where was I on the highway? "Ummmm I'm going ummm north on the 92 freeway towards the ocean?" I told the woman, "Alright...Well I'll send someone your way and hopefully they can find you," she said. After about an hour of waiting for AAA I saw a yellow and blue truck come around and I frantically waved my arms and waited for the kind man to find a place to turn around and unlock my door, which he did in 5 min or less. Moral of the story Michelle should always have 10 extra spare keys on her at all times! 

At least I really like the photos :)


  1. girl, you are absolutely stunning.


  2. So expressive and powerful! Great Shots! I love portraits like these... Would be awesome If you‘d take a look at my Blog too - would love to keep in touch with you! Maybe you like to follow each other!?

    Lots of Love, Kyra

  3. Beatiful pics :)
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  5. You are so beautiful, pure beauty.
    This shoot is fantastic.


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  7. Honestly, these are absolutely beautiful!!! It looks like an editorial, you did a fantastic job and I had a similar AAA story LOl.

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