Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shanghai Lady

Here's a quick post from a shoot I did last weekend with my dear friend Maya. I met Maya when I went to study in France and I'm so glad that we have remained friends 4 years later! She recently studied in Shanghai and had the gorgeous dress she is wearing hand made for her there. She came to me and told me about this amazing concept she had and I tried my best make it come to life. Her sister took us to this amazing spot in the bay area and it all came together really nicely. I plan to do another post with more photos from this shoot but I just wanted to get some up here now. Here's how Maya explains the concept: "This is the beginning of an ongoing project to revive the "Shanghai lady" from the early 1900s during Shanghai's golden age when the city was bursting with music, money, booze, international tycoons, courtesans, and refugees. In this first series the Shanghai lady is dropped out of her element in an Oakland junkyard. More photos to come!" Can't wait to shoot again Maya!

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