Monday, May 19, 2014



Edited with VSCO Cam 01. I just loved the bright colors on the skirt, necklace, and how silky her skin looks. 

 Here are some photos from a shoot I did a few months ago with the beautiful Raven who I met off Model Mayhem. I recently got a new set of filters from VSCO Cam. There 03 series is filled with filters that replicate instant films past and present. VSCO filters get me so excited to edit photos! This is the second series I've gotten from them. I wasn't going to get more because they come with a lot of filters and I thought 4x's the amount would be excessive but since I had recently come into some extra cash from my birthday (thanks Mom & Dad!) I decided to go for it and I am not sorry! I've started re-editing all of my photos! I can't stop! :)

I've been reading some amazing articles about photographers who up and leave everything behind and drive around the country in trailers. I've been itching to do that now for quite some time and want to do it so badly I can taste it! I guess my next step is to start saving up some cash so I can spend a year out on the road and hopefully come back as a full time photographer. There are tons of messages between Daniella and I wishing we could just shoot all day all the time and a lot of 'damn this full time job of mine!' from me. (I like my job a lot but I love photography). Now I've got to make a plan on how this is going to go down! Hopefully I can look back on this post and pat myself on the back and say, "Oh look how far I've come."

Oh yes! Pretty much all the clothing Raven is wearing on her bottom half is mine and all the stuff on the top is hers :). Skirt/Pants: Anthropologie. Hat: Melrose Flea Market


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