Monday, October 1, 2012

Block Party

B Street Book Store, San Mateo, CA

Time to start a revolution!

Had a splendid chat with the sales associate about this post card and some of our favorite Charlie Chaplin movies! And how you wouldn't go in expecting them to be hilarious, but they quickly win you over!

Block Party! 

Look at this awesome chick! 
My favorite photo of the day. 

Today, 9/30/12, Kelty and I started our normal Sunday afternoon at our favorite bagel place near downtown San Mateo. They have just the best coffee and they add pesto into their egg bagel sandwiches, delicious, but anyways we are getting to know the gals who work there and today they were especially happy to see us! The girl told us that later that day there would be a block part held on that street, and of course we had to come check it out. Lately, it must be because I love my new little city so much, but I am all about getting involved in community events. So after running some errands and stopping at this neat book store called "B Street Books" (which instantly would have become my favorite book store ever if it was called "E Street Books" heh heh...Bruce joke...) we headed down to the block party, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. There were old cars almost all the way down the street, free food, old dudes talking about their cars, and bubbles! Everything you could possibly ever want from a community block party!

This week is sure to be filled with a few posts! New outfit post + blue grass festival is coming up and I need opinions on what to wear to the hipster event of the season! (I recently got a new office job, and at least I don't have to wear the stupid blue polo shirt from my old job...but I can't go all out like I like too! So this weekend...well, I just have got to go all out! I also plan to bring my film camera and try to get something cool with that, I know it's probably going to end up being more trouble than it's worth and my photos will probably come out black...but I have been itching to get back into it! Can't wait for next weekend! 


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