Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The Los Angeles cards are mine, represent! The pins are my dads. 

Washington is Kelty's and the pin's are courtesy of Obama campaign 4 years ago and my dad.

Just a couple of cool dudes.

Corner of our living room, ahhh wooden crates a gal's best friend.

Still moving in (note the boxes on the left). This chair is the only piece of furniture we have downstairs.

I found that earring at a flea market in Melrose, which I highly recommend checking out, it's at Fairfax high school. Hands down one of my favorites! 

I wrapped some wire around a few books and voila! Wall decorations! These bad boys have been gracing my walls with their presence since 2010. 

I felt bad neglecting my hat! So it had to make an appearance. 

A skeleton I bought last year from target. Money well spent, I thought.
Slip/Dress: Anthropologie. Blazer: Thrifted. Belt: Anthropologie. Boots: Target. Scarf: Target. Tights: Anthropologie (Anthro's tights are awesome they don't have that annoying elastic at the top!).

At first I was a little reluctant to admit that fall was coming. I love summer. I love being warm, not having to wear a bunch of layers, and I love joining in with my fellow So. Cal folk about how " I can't believe it's October and it's 100 degrees!!" But this year I am living in the bay area, where there are actual seasons. (Except for these past few days where it has been weirdly super hot...but you know, I ain't complaining). ;) And even though it was getting colder and colder, I was still trying to wear my tank tops, dresses, and skirts with just a light jacket (unsuccessfully I might add). Until my friend Alex reminded me of our embracing fall together tradition. It started last year, when I didn't want to accept fall then either, she came to visit during a time when I was going through a rough breakup (those are shitty, right?), with my then boyfriend of 6 years. I started telling her how I wasn't ready to accept fall,  that I couldn't believe that 4 months had already passed since school ended, I moved home, my relationship ended, and that I was still in the same place I was 4 months ago. I wasn't ready for time to keep moving if I couldn't keep moving with it. And then somehow we got on the topic of Starbucks and how you know it's fall and there is nothing you can do about it once pumpkin spice latte's come around. And then, like the grown up people we are, we decided F that! We are going to move foreword and we will celebrate moving foreword, and fall, with pumpkin spice lattes! So as soon as she reminded me that it was pumpkin spice latte time again I was ready to embrace fall with open arms. Suddenly my whole attitude towards fall changed and I was all, " I love coats! And Scarfs! And Halloween! And all holidays! YAY it's fall!" Target didn't help the situation either! Suddenly everything was a glorious forest green, tan, burgundy, and auburn color. And halloween decorations were for sale! (Which, wait till you see the photo of this glorious door matt I got, below). So I decided to put together my most fall-esque colors and welcome fall with open arms! 

 I decided to change it up a little this time, these photos were taken inside my living room, instead of my backyard, which is actually a great spot because we don't have any furniture! (We just moved in 2 months ago and we are picky...) But what it lacks in furniture it makes up for in glorious wall decorations. That map, behind me, is from a little antique store that Kelty and I found when we took our first epic road trip to Moscow, Idaho to visit a friend. It was, I think, only 10 dollars? And the best $10 I have ever spent. I love it. (But what's new, I love all my antiques). It is an old chalk board school map. Some people have made the crazy suggestion that we buy chalk and people can write on it...no. But, we have put pins on the map and these neat playing cards we found on our drive back from Idaho in Oregon at, get this, an antique mall! We saw the sign while we were on the highway and we both were all "well...I'll go if you want to go." Fortunately we are on the same page on just about everything and spent too much time at this little town filled with antique stores! Heaven. So I think I will definitely do a post on my home when it is more complete, so I wont share all the stories just yet! And besides... I have already written a ton! (Sheesh! I talked more about my antiques than my clothing this time! But needless to say I am excited for fall and I hope you are too!) Also I am going to need your opinions on which outfits to wear this weekend so expect that either tomorrow or Thursday! :)


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  2. Hey, love your blog! Your sense of style is so wonderful and well-composed x

    ps. Haha, I swear I'm the only person who loves winter (maybe it's because Australian winters are so mild). One word: coats!!!

    1. Thank you! That is so nice of you to say! Hahah I would love to spend winter in Australia! Sound like the perfect winter for me!

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  6. i had to comment on this post too, you are such a doll! i adore this outfit and your hair! i am now following you too! excited for more outfit posts!

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