Friday, October 5, 2012

Decisions Decisions


Sock or No Sock

Two. That's a jean button up shirt with red pants. I love that sweater, btw. 

Three. With green tights.

I tink I am going with the black boots, unless you can sway me otherwise! 

Thats a burgundy sweater that goes on top of "Look 3."

Look 4. Same as above just with a brown sweater and the cheetah print sweater instead of the burgundy one. 

This one I really like, but with red pants or.....

 Dark denim? 

Yes, for the vest! 

 Ok, so I know I said I would have this posted yesterday, and not at 9pm the day before the festival...but man... I was tired last night! Sitting in traffic and working all week can do that to a gal! But today I made a point of waking up early and getting to work at 8, instead of 9, so I could book it out of there by 4pm and miss traffic, and that my friends is exactly what happened! Normally I get home at close to 8pm everyday so today was super. I also got to go back to my favorite street (the one where the block party was held) and bough some film for tomorrow (!!yay!!) and became friends with the cigar shop guy. I love everyone on that street! (and... they love me:). When I left he said "please come back again!" So I am going to snap some photos of that place for you all to see! And some way more detailed photos of the street, just incase anyone in the area wants to check it out, and because it's so awesome. 

Alright so here are some outfits that I came up with. So two things I tried to think of when picking these outfits: 1) I get cold very easily so yes, all these layers are necessary, and 2) I am going to be there all day walking around taking photos so I would like to be comfortable.  (I am sorry these are all cell phone photos, but I don't have much time tonight and I promise the other posts will be nicer!) I THINK i might be leaning towards the very last outfit for Saturday and then the skirt/brown sweater one for Sunday, but it depends on how cold I am saturday. The only problem with the bottom one is that it's not super warm. But I'll quit putting in my opinions and let you decide! Merci mes amies! 


  1. I know I'm probably way late on this, but outfit #4 is awesome! I'm a sucker for scarves and jean jackets!

    (Also, I had to delete my other blog because apparently I'm an idiot after one glass of wine..)

    1. hahaha! I know the feeling! Are you going to start another one?

    2. I ended up fixing it! Amazing what a clear head will do LOL

      Which outfit did you end up wearing?

    3. I ended up going with the last one! Good I am glad your back on the blogging scene!

  2. Great post !

    Love your pictures and articles!!

    A blog like this should definitely be followed so here I am :)

    Stop by mine when you have the time!!



    1. That is so sweet of you to say!! Yay! You are my 3rd follower :) Thanks! And I am now one of your followers as well!

  3. i love the colored tights! ah, they are so cute! i have been looking for a green pair for awhile now. i just can't seem to find any anywhere!
    thanks for you sweet comment! yes, local coffeeshops are the only way to go! they give a much better service.

    lindsey louise

    1. Oh yeah they do! I love my local coffee shop! They know me there, it's fun!

      I got these tights from anthropologie! They are awesome because they don't have that annoying elastic on the top! I definitely recommend them.

      And thanks for following! Im so excited to have a new follower!