Monday, November 5, 2012

Family Ties

I didn't realize we were making funny faces....haha
Me: Dress: Thrifted, Neiman Marcus. On Rachel: Dress: Urban Outfitters. Kimono: Macy's. 
I've been neglecting my poor blog this past week but I am back! This past weekend I went home and had a fun little photo shoot with my cousin. Up the street from my house there is an abandoned horse ranch, which used to have a house and a lot of other cool abandoned buildings, but have since been torn down. All that's left now is this little shed. I love going over there to take photos but Simi Valley can sometimes be a creepy place, especially in an abandoned field, so I recruited my cousin to join me. Luckily she's a champ and came with me! I feel so fortunate that my family is so close. I am an only child so being close with my cousins is great! I consider my aunts to also be like second mothers. I am really lucky! Here's a photo of my mom, aunts, me, and grandma after having giant breakfast. We always have fun little get togethers, I love them.

Now for the dress! My dress is by Neiman Marcus I found it at a used clothing store called 'Black and Brown' in San Jose. It used to have long sleeves and go down to my feet but I cut off the sleeves and my super talented grandmother shortened it for me. It's gorgeous and a great find! I love finding things like this because they are so unique and you can easily make them modern looking! I hope everyone is enjoying their extra hour! I know I am! 


  1. this dress is just so amazing! i adore neiman marcus, one of my close friends works at the store location in chicago! i love how you decided to cut off the sleeves. you just always look so darling!

    lindsey louise

  2. Awesome place, awesome photos, and I love both outfits! The ribbon on the back of your dress looks so lovely!

  3. Beautiful photos. You are so adorable!

  4. wow!!! love your dress so much! it's so pretty! oh i followed you dear, it'll be a pleasure if you can follow back.

    Love, Maria

  5. Thanks for following. I follow you too now. These pictures are so pretty! I love your outfit! So lihgt and bright and beautiful!

  6. wow, you took all your photos by youself? self timer? hee, me too!
    all the way from malaysia ~
    hope you check out mine!
    will follow!!

    1. These ones my cousin took of me, but the ones of us together was on a timer. I usually do use a self timer though, so I know the feeling!