Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Make My Bones Rattle

Bracelet: Go Jane 

I got this bad boy in the mail today from Go Jane. I am not usually one to buy things offline, although I am starting to like it more and more, but when I saw this I had to get it, and it was affordably priced. 
This photo was a happy accident, my paper weight dude happened to be the perfect spot for my bracelet. The book, "On the Road," is my dad's, my dad has a lot of great stuff from when he was young that I'll continue to share with you. And of course some Bruce action! 'Tunnel of Love', an excellent album about the changes relationships can experience. I just got it from the record shop, Vinyl Solutions, on my favorite street (For more on my favorite street!) Now what outfit to plan around this bracelet? Hmmmm 


  1. Oh my, it's like the coolest bracelet I've seen in my entire life!!

  2. why hi! i'm an old follower of yours already if you wud check out your follower list. Haha, by the way, hope you follow me back though!