Monday, May 27, 2013

White Russian

Dress: Vintage dress, thrifted. Hat: Target. Belt: Anthropologie.

I think this dress is just darling, it's just too bad that it fits me kind of awkwardly. Its pretty tight around my waist but loose in the shoulders and upper half. If only it fit better, I would love to wear it more places. At one time I was considering dying the dress a different color, so I could wear it out more. But alas.

I enjoyed this shoot, I did it against the white wall in our spare bedroom and basically threw the dress on and some makeup and went for it. I recently saw a sneak peak of Adored Vintage's (an amazing little company that sells the cutest vintage clothes! Future post on them in the making!) wedding shoot for Thrifty Hunter Magazine and became super inspired. With limited time but itching to shoot something, these photos were born. And I really enjoy them. I love making diptic's and these are sick. 

So I do not believe I have shared the good news! I've been working for this fashion start up called Stitch Fix for almost 6 months now and on Tuesday I was taught how to style! (My next post will be more about what Stitch Fix is but here's the gist of it.) Stitch Fix is a women's online styling start up where women can go fill out a an online profile all about themselves, sharing information such as body type, type of style you resonate best with, eg: boho, preppy, classic etc., and what occasion you'd like the clothes for: work, a fun summer wedding or vacation, or you just want to spruce up your wardrobe, every client gets their own personal stylist. The stylist chooses 5 items for the client, usually 4 clothing and one accessory piece. The items are then shipped off to the customer and if the customer likes all the items she checks out online and if not sends them back and only pays a $20 styling fee. 

I get to add in one new item for every missing item in a client's fix before it gets shipped off. I love it! I even went out this weekend and bought some fashion magazines to read up on what styles work best for different body types. I'd say that this has been the best type of homework I can ever remember having! If my job is keeping up with the latest trends and figuring out which clothing pieces work best for each client then sign me up. I hope I get to style more and more in the upcoming months! 


  1. I love the first photo of the hat! Very cool!

  2. Love the dress!
    Really like your blog!Maybe we could follow each other! :)

    Only a storm in a coffee cup

  3. Somehow I missed this post! I think those pictures are awesome! Love the movements in them. The dress with the hat is also wonderful! Really really nice!