Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh you're so pretty

Arnold making getting rid of wrinkles.

Anthony and Arnold being fierce. 


About two weeks ago my co-worker Arnold asked me if I would be able to help shoot some photos of clothing for a boutique he and his friend Anthony work for. These pieces of clothing, along with tons more, will be part of their bosses new online store. I am not quite sure on the exact date of the website launch but I'll be sure to keep ya'll posted. 
What's funny about this shop is that two years ago I was assigned to photograph this very boutique for the SF Chronicle when I was interning there. When I first walked in I thought that the place looked so familiar and asked Arnold if there were more of these boutiques elsewhere. He informed me that this was the only one in which I replied, "OMG Arnold I've been here before!" I even found the story and photos that I took framed outside. (Above) 

I also found out today, which Anthony informed me so nonchalantly, was that the owner of this boutique is going to be a contestant in the upcoming season of Project Runway! How freaking awesome is that!! Congrats!

So here are some images of the stores beautiful clothing as well as Arnold and Anthony being trés fierce! 


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