Sunday, December 15, 2013

Teenage Wasteland

Hello fellow bloggers! I hope you all have been having a great time getting ready for the holidays! I have been shooting like crazy lately! (Actually, I wish I could do it more but that job that gives me money and health insurance wont give it to me without working full time so as much as I can!) I've been super backed up when it comes to editing but I recently bough myself the greatest Christmas gift and it's got me so excited to edit photos! Have ya'll heard of VSCO Film? They make an app for your phone thats filled with fun filters. I recently bought their packaged for Lightroom and oh my gosh they were worth every penny! They are so wonderful! 

So I vowed to take today, and hopefully more days this week, to edit photos and update all my sites! Because shits about to get real! I want to start doing more and more photography and I want everything updated! These are some lovely photos of my beautiful cousin Gina. When I went home for Thanksgiving we were finally able to squeeze in a little time between cooking and eating to take some photos. Being the oldest of all the cousins it's so crazy to see how big they are now and that they're going to go off to college, or some other exciting new adventure, so soon! And the realization that I graduated from college about 2 1/2 years ago is sinking in right now.... mehhhh 

The clothes are either thrifted or from Gina's closet and the flowers carnations from Vons and I added some leaves from the tree outside our house. Oh and of course the American Flag is from my favorite flea market, so far, the Fairfax High School flea market, which is every Sunday, you must check it out!

Hope you like them!