Monday, February 3, 2014

Cry Babes

I know I should be working but ugh, I can't help myself! I'm just too excited about this shoot! Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with 12 models, and two photographers - one of them being me. I have met some wonderful gals from Model Mayhem but Daniella (More photos of her here!) and I are always on the same page! She had this great idea to do a shoot inspired from the movie Cry Baby, a movie I used to watch weekly when I was a teenager- John Waters + a young Johnny Depp, yes please! 

The movie takes place in the 50's and about a good girl, or a "square" as they're called in the film, who falls in love with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, a "drape." When she told me about her idea I was super excited to be a part of it! I just finished a burlesque dance class and all my inspiration lately is coming from all things 50's, sexy, and bad ass women which Cry Baby is filled with. I wish I could update my whole wardrobe to represent all those things *le sigh*... anyways!

The cast of Cry Baby
Daniella invited at least 15 models and a handful of photographers to the shoot, but of course yesterday was the only day it decided to rain this winter so a few people ended up not being able to come. In the end though, aside from it being freezing, it all worked out. Since this is California, the rain cleared up and we had a great overcast day to shoot against out at Alameda High School. It really made all their fun colorful outfits and hair pop! I met a ton of great gals, some of us exchanged emails and we're planning on shooting together again in the future! I'm super excited! I feel like my photos are definitely going in the direction I want them too and all I want to do is shoot every day and edit every night! I have been doing shoots every weekend pretty much since the New Year started. *high five me* Actually now I am getting a little backed up :-\ but! whatever I'll get it done. Sorry gals who are waiting on photos! I am working on it I promise :) 

So here are a ton, I wanted to put more but I didn't want you scrolling for days through this post, of photos. A great shoot that ended with burgers and pie, a perfect ending to a rockin' day. 

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