Sunday, April 13, 2014

1920's Beauties

The Ladies

My Mama



The Terris Fam.

Here are some photos I took of my mom and aunts for my mom's birthday in February. They'll be so happy to finally see them! (Promise you will get the rest of them when I get home!) One of the reasons I love doing photo shoots so much is because it's just like playing dress up. You get to wear pretty clothes and get your hair and make up all done up, it's great. While trying to think of what to get my mom for her birthday I thought, 'My mom and aunts are always down to go shopping and my mom is the families makeup and hair guru - a photo shoot would be a blast!' After some slight persuasion everyone agreed and thus this shoot was born. My inspiration for this shoot came from the 1920's- fun and elegant- which is what they are! My dad suggested going to the old train station up the street from our house and it turned out to be the perfect setting. All the clothes are from Nordstroms and some of the accessories came from Daniella (more photos of her here), who is awesome and lets me borrow all her fun vintage goodies! Enjoy! 

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