Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tom Sawyer

Yea, I'm dating this guy. NBD :p


(from left to right) Travis, Daniella, Mike, Dezi, Q

Here are some photos from a shoot I had last Saturday. It was the first shoot I had planned on my own with so many people. I had been planning it for about a month and started out with a make up artist, hair, and wardrobe stylist and 3 models. Only one model, Q, was with me from start to finish. As the weeks went on more and more people dropped out. The week before the shoot I was on Model Mayhem messaging people daily trying to find someone to be in my shoot. By the end it all came together. I supplied most of the wardrobe for the girls and Mike. My dear friend and stylist Gabbie was able to come and help out, which was such a relief, and luckily everyone was able to do their own hair and make up (since they dropped out shortly before the shoot also). Daniella, who I've worked with a bunch of times, was also free which I was so excited to hear! My boyfriend Mike was also able to be in the shoot and in the end everything was a success.

Back in March I came across this blog called 'Loux the Vintage Guru' which is about this guy, Loux, and his friends and family in Africa who dress in vintage clothing. Naturally it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen and it became the theme for this shoot. The shoot took place right across the street from the Berkeley Rose Garden. When I found the location for the shoot I decided I wanted it to have more of a Tom Sawyer/ Huckleberry Finn vibe. All the greenery and vintage clothes reminded me of those books. After posting some images on Instagram it looks like I'll be planning another shoot in June with a similar vibe and will be working with a styling duo who love to style retro looks! I'm super excited! I'm excited to continue on with this shoot and take what I've learned from this one and apply it to the next one.

The shoot, which I was pretty nervous about, turned out to be a lot of fun and a great success. I want to thank all my models and stylist Gabbie for all their help in making my vision become a reality. I hope you all had as much fun as I did! 

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