Thursday, November 19, 2015

Every Day Goals

I've decided to revive this blog, mainly for personal use, but I've recently left my job and am trying to start my own business doing my photography. I want this to be a journal of what I've accomplished each day, so at the end of the day when I'm like, 'Ugh! What did I even do today?' I can look back and see that I am making progress, even though it may be slower than I like.

There are mainly 3 topics that I'm hoping to someday become an expert in and want to make note of in this blog, finances, design, and marketing. Obviously, becoming the worlds greatest photographer is on the top of my list, so things like that will be thrown in there too. I wanted to focus on things though that don't necessarily get me jumping out of bed in the morning. I want this blog to help hold me accountable for all the goals that I want to achieve by posting something daily about what I learned on any of the above topics.

I got this idea from listening to 'Money Talking' a podcast from NPR. The subject of this particular podcast was titled, 'Making yourself heard at work.' The gal that they interviewed, Dori Clark, mentioned this,
"Begin to position yourself as an expert. Start creating content around the subject you want to master. Blog about it. If you're learning, take readers along on your journey on the topic."
Well, I want to become a master and I'm learning so here goes!

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