Thursday, November 19, 2015


Ok, so like I said, my current thing is taking control of my finances and setting myself up for a successful future. At 27, I have already been saving money in my Roth IRA (dude, I can totally explain this to you. It's a retirement account that when you take money out of when your 60 you will not be charged taxes, since the money you are putting in has already been taxed. For example, money from your pay check. BOOM thanks Suze Orman.)

Speaking of Suze Orman, she has an amazing book at the library called 'The Road to Wealth'. It's basically huge chapters on investing, getting out of debt, retirement, insurance and more. It's super easy to read because she answers questions that the average person may have like, why should I get long term care insurance? What is long term care insurance? (Which you should definitely get when you turn 59, unless you know what your financial situation is when you turn 50 and know that you can comfortably keep paying for long term care insurance. This will provide you with $$ to take care of yourself when you're older and if you get sick or have to live in a retirement home, shits expensive as fuck so it's nice for you, and your family, to have a plan). The bad part about this book is that it's kind of old, like 2008 status, but I think a lot of the things she talks about still apply. My favorite part about my subscription to O magazine is Suze Orman's part. She's bad ass.

Why is there a picture of a woman in the middle of this article about finance? Eye candy and cuz it's amazing and I took it. 

K so I got off track, all my knowledge was blowing me away and I had to share! So back to taking control of my future. I have this money in my Roth IRA and it needs to start being invested so I can hopefully be a millionaire by the time I retire and go on lavish trips and eat fancy food...dreaming big. Investing to me has been super scary because wtf do all those terms mean! Even though I asked my dad like 50 times to repeat everything to me I'm still having problems wrapping my head around everything. (My dad never was like, "I told you already!" Super patient awesome dude.)

I found this podcast today called, "Listen Money Matters" and it's two young dudes who explain all kinds of financial topics to youngsters like me. What I really like is that they have a section called 'School' and it's basically all the financial know how that you never learned in school, which why the fuck did we not learn any of this in school? Not even college...maybe it was because I was an art major...Still why are your GE's not on how to buy a house, or how to save for retirement, instead of what we already went over in High School...but I digress.  So I listened to the first podcast on investing and exploring the investor mindset.

An investor buys and holds. They think long term and reap long term investments because of their patients.

Fine...guess I'll stop buying all those sweaters that I don't really need.

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